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I involved my siblings in my marital problems

Topic: Involving family in marital problems and it backfiredQ: I made the mistake of speaking about my husband and some of our problems to my siblings for the first time ever since we’ve been married, and they in turn spoke to my parents. My family is now upset at what they have learned and are […]

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My husband’s friend is a bad influence

Q: My question is regarding my husband. Our marriage was fine when the children were younger; we had our little ups and downs but he was more committed at home with me and the children. But now the children are over 16 and we are in our late 40s, he is starting to see more […]

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How to repair after a fight

Topic: repairing after a fightQ: Is there an easier way to repair the damage after a fight where both my husband and I have said hurtful things to each other? It seems when I try to start discussing what happened again more calmly, we end up back in the thick of it all over again. Fights […]

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