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Supporting Muslim wives in creating loving, emotionally connected, spiritual, and passionate marriages while rekindling marriage as an act of worship.

Start reading the ebook read by thousands of women, Greater than "Sexy" - A Muslim Wife's Guide to Discovering What's Greater than "Sexy" in a Spiritually Conscious Marriage by Wives of Jannah founder Megan Wyatt, and discover greater confidence in yourself and how to reclaim the role intimacy should play in your marriage. 

 Megan Wyatt 

 Founder, Wives of Jannah 

A few hours can enrich your marriage, deepen your connection with your husband, and start building a new and positive momentum in your relationship.

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Check out my 2019 lecture "Strengthening the Muslim home: Our Marriage" where I spoke on a circular (yes a full circle) stage in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Despite the weirdness of the camera angle and the fact I was a bit sick when I spoke I pray you'll find it really beneficial insha'Allah!

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