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Learn how to deepen the love, passion, connection, and spiritual consciousness in your marriage working without having to compromise Islamic values, follow cliched advice that doesn't work, or pay to talk to someone that leaves you feeling empty and without a next step to create change. Continue reading to learn more about how our dynamic relationship online coaching program works. 

Custom Created Approach

Because you are unique the goals we set together for your relationship or your own personal development cannot follow a one size fits all approach. Coaching empowers you to discover where you want to go and how you are going to get there while honoring your authentic self along the way. Whether we're discussing your marriage or any other part of your life we work together to define what is most meaningful for you to strive towards while supporting you with strategies and mentorship along the way.

Belief That You Are Normal

I begin our new coaching relationship with the belief that you are a capable and normal individual who has struggles and challenges like everyone else on this planet. Our time and energy is focused with the belief that you are capable of living a dynamic and fulfilling life and that coaching is a new means to developing new tools and mindsets to help you get loser to the life and marriage you want to live in.  I believe in you and will be in your corner cheering you on as you strive towards new actions that will change your life and your marriage insha'Allah.

Islamic Framework Maintained 

Islam is both our faith and way of life so it's important that we never try to solve or improve our lives without this being our first and most important guiding force. No technique or concept I will share with you would ask or encourage you to do something which goes against Islam in any way bi'thnillah. I have weeded out of concepts or ideas, no matter how popular, that go against Islamic teachings trusting our rich traditions to guide the way in defining a loving and fulfilling marriage for you and your husband.

Creating Change That Lasts

Change occurs when you learn how to meet your emotional needs at high levels in ways that are healthy, authentic, and empowering. These replace old habits or negative ways of thinking which were disempowering or those that didn't lead to your desired outcome. After awhile, even if you do slip back into an "old mode" of being, the tools gained in coaching will provide you with a way to move forward again. Change often takes place at a rapid pace in my coaching program because of the forward moving focus and because you will always have specific actions to work on.  That momentum often expands to other areas of life which can mean the healing of old wounds that once held powerful influence over your life or other positive changes.

What I Bring To the Table

I've been coaching and teaching people from all over the world since 2007 and continue to develop from new levels of training and being mentored to keep my skills fresh. I'm also a happily married woman with four children alhamdulilah.  My main modality of training is called Strategic Intervention and was a methodology that positively impacted my own life in many ways. Over the years, I have also begun to develop my own strategies and concepts that help wives and couples based on years of experience and discovering common challenges facing marriages today. If you've listened to my podcasts, read my articles, took a program, or read one of my ebooks you also know that I uphold your rights as a wife in marriage while also teaching respect for your husband. I create a space where mutual respect is cultivated while also honoring genuine hurt, disappointment, and your needs as a woman. 

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching takes place over the phone for 1-on-1 coaching with women. I provide free local phone numbers for you to call in or a free web call option to access my conference call line. For couples I offer video conferencing using Google Hangouts. Once you register you'll gain access to my master calendar where you will schedule your session based on the time that works for you. Currently, coaching is only offered on Sundays. I will speak with you twice a month and between each call you'll be working on specific assignments towards specific outcomes which we've agreed upon before the call ends. If you have a question or need accountability for those assignments I'll be available via email. You are welcome to email me anytime. (If you live in Southern California or want to travel there I also offer half day in person intensives.)

Confidentiality Ensured 

Being a part of your journey is really special to me and for a strong relationship to develop between us you have to trust me. I assure you that our work together will remain completely private. Your name, your husband's name, your details or anything that could allow anyone to identify you in any way would not be released to the public. I understand the trust being placed upon my shoulders in front of Allah.

Read below to find the best coaching package for you.


Video Conference Coaching for Couples

Meet twice a month for a private fifty minute coaching session as a couple via Zoom

Receive email support and accountability for goals and action items agreed to on each call.

$450 / month

(3 month commitment
with 6 session total )


Private Coaching for Muslim Wives

Meet twice a month for a private fifty minute coaching session via phone or Zoom

Receive email support and accountability for goals and action items agreed to on each call. 

$350 / month 

(3 month commitment
with 6 session total )


Half Day in person Coaching Intensive

Six Hour private relationship coaching intensive in
Orange County, CA

For individual women or couples. 

Includes catered lunch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer any discounts for international individuals?

A: Currently, I am focused on serving those who live in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. I understand exchange rates for US rates
would be hard for other countries. I encourage you to see if there are local marriage coaches and other resources within your vicinity.

Q: Isn’t talking about your husband to someone else sinful?

A: Seeking advice, mediation, guidance, and support is built into our Deen as a recommendation, especially when a couple is going through a rough time together, and their marriage is no longer a source of love and happiness for both of them. However, my method of coaching doesn’t require any wife to “drag her husband through the mud,” and in fact, she will find she will be interrupted if she attempts to do so, because this is not conducive to a productive discussion leading her to what she wants to do to bring about change. Honor, dignity, and respect for both husband and wife are expected at all times, so that only what is necessary is brought into the open in order to help a wife or a couple facilitate changes. The Qur'an has the following verse to guide us on this matter:  "And if you have reason to fear that a breach might occur between a [married] couple, appoint an arbiter from among his people and an arbiter from among her people; if they both want to set things aright, God may bring about their reconciliation. Behold, God is indeed all-knowing, aware." (4:35)

Q: I am looking for a coach, but not specifically for marriage. Do you focus on other areas of personal development as well?

A: Absolutely! My coaching and training in Strategic Intervention is applicable to all different spheres of life. I’ve coached women focusing on starting a business, losing weight, getting organized, dealing with children, overcoming social anxiety, struggling with negative thinking patterns, getting over a past relationship, finding new strategies to deal with anxiety, worry, jealousy, and raising confidence and feelings of self-acceptance. I’m here to serve you with whatever your personal goals are.

Q: I am interested, but it sounds expensive. Why are the rates high?

A: It can be difficult to measure the worth of an investment without experiencing the results. Coaching rates are priced to be lower than the value it brings to those committed to the process. You aren’t paying to have a conversation or have a place just to talk and be heard. Coaching with me is a strategic process that focuses on what you want to have happen, and then leads you to immediate actions to head you in that direction. When compared to the amount of months and years many people will spend frustrated and miserable simply because they didn’t reach out for new tools, the cost becomes not only worth it, but an investment that continues to bring returns year after year. I personally have invested thousands of dollars, hours, and years into my training and experience, so what you are signing up for is an exceptional experience  insha’Allah.

Q: I’m not married yet, can I still join coaching? Do you offer pre-marital coaching?

A: Wives of Jannah has a large following of singles alhamdulellah! You are welcome to sign up for coaching. I also offer pre-marital coaching for individuals considering each other for marriage who would like a space to discuss their vision of marriage and smooth out any potential issues that could arise in the future. For pre-marital coaching click here.

Q: As a man, can I sign up to work with you individually as well?

A: For personal work that takes place outside of couples coaching, I would prefer and recommend you work with another Muslim male coach if available who can give you private and personal space to work on your personal goals. I do work with men in my group coaching circle through another program of mine but I prefer to have individual coaching spaces available to the Muslim women who are in need of a Muslim female coach.

Q: Do you follow any specific Islamic ideology that influences how you coach others?

A: I am a Muslimah, alhamdulellah, who follows Islam and my coaching makes no distinction of what “kind” of a Muslim I am or you are. I believe that keeping Islam a part of our dialogue is essential because as Muslims everything we do must connect back to our ultimate purpose in this life which is to worship our Lord who created us, and to follow the Qur’an and the Sunnah in our daily affairs. However, specific aspects of the Deen, fatwas, or religious opinions are not my area of expertise, so for these you will be directed to ask those with the proper knowledge whom you trust. 

Q: Is there anyone that shouldn’t be signing up for coaching?

A: I have worked with many women who were in a physically and/or emotionally abusive relationship. I often am the first person to help them recognize they are being abused. I am grateful to be a form of support for these women and also a safe space for them to get help. That being said,  I don't recommend coaching on its own because abusive marriages also come with a severe risk of being physically harmed. Once I find out a woman is being abused, I support her to seek guidance from a local authority, shelter, or therapist (or all of the above depending on the situation) within her local vicinity which is connected to local resources that can support her in staying safe, and when necessary, leaving her marriage. Physical and emotional abuse is a serious situation not condoned in Islam in any way shape or form, and is a very volatile situation. If you are a relationship like this, please talk to someone you can trust locally to get help. I am honored to remain a part of your personal development journey but after I am certain you are in a safe place. 

Also, if you currently struggle with a psychological condition which you are being treated for, and if you are on medication of any kind, it is important to share with your therapist or psychiatrist that you want to join coaching. Therapy and coaching can work hand in hand together as they often focus on different goals which are complimentary to each other but it’s important that I know your current situation before proceeding as well as your other support networks in healing. 

 Choose the program that inspires you and get started today.

Coaching Client Testimonials 

Here are a few examples of comments emailed to me from my coaching clients at different stages in their coaching: I've tried to share ones that reflect different parts of their journey.

"Salam Megan! I don’t know what I would have done without you. I’m so blessed to have met you. Speaking to you transformed my soul. I felt so much lighter and just deeply happier right after. I couldn’t figure out why. I knew what you had said was helpful and eye opening but I couldn’t logic the intensity of the change in my heart. My husband even said to me today, “Since you spoke with Megan, you have a skip in your step, you seem so much more patient and happy - Megan can move in with us! “ Haha! Then it hit me. I realized I had self-hate. I think my moms voice had become my own voice. And I hated myself. I looked to my family to negate it and fix it. So I could get rid of that hate. But when you spoke to me, calling my challenging childhood a “gift” to my mother and telling me how I am deserving of deciding who I accept—I dunno. You told me imagine, if you didn’t believe her.  Something just changed and I finally deeply chose not to believe my mom. And I realized more than anything, I was transferring that self hate to my daughter when she would display my behaviors-I’d feel like oh no she has her mothers awfulness. Instead now I adore her even more. She’s my gift. I know I have a long way to go. But thank you for this moment and this growth. I love you for your helping hand."  Sister H. - private coaching client 

"Thank you for all your efforts and working long hours and going beyond your time to bring our family together after so many years of misunderstandings and pains.  I definitely would encourage everyone and anyone I know to save themselves the emotional pain and the physical health consequences of stress and just call you to intervene.  Your coaching and method of dealing with the situation is so effective, especially during the intensive session.  I do not think we could have gotten any progress ever, in my family situation, if we did not have the whole Saturday to work on it. Yes your fee is not easy to come up with but it is worth it because close relationships, love, peace and happiness is worth everything and you guarantee it.  I am kissing your forehead again out of respect and admiration for you.  Thank you." - Sr. W. - half day intensive client

"Since our last talk I've been having a lot of conversations with you in my head. hahaha... And I got to some awesome conclusions that I am excited to share with you! It all started from you telling me that making assumptions can hurt me and others. That got me thinking. And then I read your post about telling yourself the story the helps you rise above. My first reaction, I admit, was rather defensive. What do you mean tell yourself stories? Those assumptions are based on something real, you know? They don't just come out of thin air. They are there to protect you. And help you make educated decisions.But as defensive as it was...I took it with me and gave myself time to think about it. And then I started catching myself in moments where I make assumptions that all that they do is build walls around me. Isolating me and keeping me away from potentially experiencing great things. So I started changing the narrative. The way I explain myself, what happens to me and around me. Maybe it's like this... maybe it's like that. And I started feeling better about myself and about those situations. I am ready to create a new story. One that I will be excited about. One that will lift me up.Thank you for everything Megan! <3" - Sister L. private coaching client

"So much has happened since (the past several months after coaching), all positive, Alhamdulillah.  My relationship with my husband is very strong and a great source of happiness.  I feel like we are even stronger of a couple now than we were like 2 or 3 years ago since we weathered a great storm together.  I know he has remembered a lot of things you told him about how to support me, because he acts on them. Relationship wise I feel very blessed and satisfied. Now, I follow you on social media and read all your emails etc.  And sometimes when I feel especially introspective, I imagine speaking with you about various things because I really did enjoy our conversations and the way you would provoke my thought processes and I do really miss that.  Thank you again for all your help in the past.  I have highly recommended you to several people including a dear friend who I know is having marital difficulties. InshaAllah I hope she signs up when the time is right for her."  - Sister R. - couples coaching client. 

"After cooling down a little bit (after a disagreement) we tried to share our feelings with each other - feelings from the start of the day to the end (the way you had composed your questions), and were surprised to find out that we both were totally unaware of what was going on in the minds of each other. In addition, we had our own assumptions and conclusions on what could be going on in the mind of the other person. We tried to explore why we did not share our true feelings with each other and found that it could be because we:
- didn't have enough time (both) 
- thought it's 'understood' (my wife);
- feared that sharing true feelings would lead to an argument and ultimately a fight (me); and
- did not even know ourselves (consciously) that we 
had these feelings (both).

So, we discussed how we could have handled yesterday differently, and came up with some ideas! 🙂  We realized that we are being consistent on some of the actions because we are accountable to you, so we wanted your opinion and guidance on the above strategy. Once we have the stamp of your approval, we'd start it and then report back to you on how we are following it. Many thanks once again for everything, we really really appreciate it!" 
- Brother B. - couples coaching client

"My personal experience was an eye opener. The support you gave me through our sessions I still carry with me daily. It took a lot of courage and thought from me to contact you and it was very scary to open up to a stranger about the troubles I'm dealing with in my marriage. However, once we started talking I felt assured, confidant and validated for my experiences. And it was nice for me to get out of the problem and all the details and discuss with you new perspectives to see things and discuss with my husband. I think the sessions are the perfect remedy for those who feel alone, alienated and overwhelmed by their marital distress. Sometimes thinking out loud with a professional is the way to go."  Sister H. - private coaching client


Video Conference Coaching for Couples

Meet twice a month for a private fifty minute coaching video session as a married couple.

Receive email support and accountability for goals and action items agreed to on each call.

$397 / month


Private Coaching for Muslim Wives

Meet twice a month for a private fifty minute coaching session.

Receive email support and accountability for goals and action items agreed to on each call. 

$325 / month


Half Day in person Coaching Intensive

Six Hour private coaching intensive for those in Southern California

For individual women or couples. 

Includes complimentary lunch. 


I want to make sure that your experience with coaching brings you more than your investment of time and money! If after your first coaching session you feel we're aren't a good fit and you experience zero benefit after participating fully on your end, then we will end your sessions, and I will refund your entire coaching fees payment. I want you to have the support you need and deserve!