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"A few invested hours of learning can enrich your marriage, deepen your connection with your husband, improve your own self-care, and start building a new and positive momentum in your relationship."

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Online Video Course

Find out how to avoid one of the most common pitfalls of a marital relationship that creates an atmosphere full of resentment and tension. Learning how to lead with love is concept that has transformed relationships from surviving to thriving because it invites a new way to understand loe, the purpose of marriage, and the necessary ingredients that bring a couple closer. If you've been stuck in a rut in your marriage for awhile, this course can help you begin to move forward again.

Online Video Course

No matter how much you love your spouse, and no matter how much they love you, you are going to fight with them over something at some point in time. Fighting is an inevitable part of marital life but it shouldn’t take over your relationship. Whether you’ve been married for two years or twenty, this training module will introduce you to five important concepts that Megan uses as a relationship coach that helps couples fight less and love more. 

Online Video Course

Is your relationship in a bit of a rut right now? Maybe after having kids you feel like you two aren't on the same wavelength anymore or you don't feel like you're working as a team. Most relationships fall into a rut at some point in time but staying there for too long can lead to long term harm to your marriage. This course is literally the boost you need to revisit your intentions, and realign your actions with the person you'd like to be. It takes only one person to start a change in a marriage and revitalize the relationship so your marriage is back on course with your relationship goals. 

Online Video Course

Explore in five clear steps how you can experience greater passion and feel a deeper emotional connection with your spouse during intimacy. This isn’t a lecture on rights, it’s a workshop where you will reflect, write, act, plan, and do! This course invites you to understand that great sex doesn't "just happen" for most couples. It involves understanding yourself and communicating honestly as a couple. This course takes into consideration physical, emotional, and mental blocks which may be preventing your intimate life from being both satisfying and meaningful. You deserve a better intimate life. Take this course to get started.

Online Video Course

How to Uncover and Meet You and Your Husband’s Top Emotional Needs, Reduce Tension in Arguments, and Choose the Right Responses for the Situation! This is a course that will help you identify and understand both the positive and negative cycles happening in your relationship and offer you tools to stop repeating the same painful cycles over and over again or reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with tension. This powerful course teaches you how to communicate your true needs and wants in a way that invites a loving response from your spouse. This course was originally designed for couples to take together but as powerful for a wife to take on her own. 

Ebook with Online Video Course

Do righteous, pious Muslim couples experience passionate marriages?  Is passion supposed to be a part of your marital life or is this just an idea sold to us by Hollywood? This online course, reinforced with a digital ebook, will teach you the steps that create that "falling in love" feeling and how you could implement those same steps it in your own relationship to keep the spark alive! You'll learn a unique acronym to help you put chemistry on your side and an Islamic framework that invites a frank discussion on the role of sexual intimacy in marriage. 

Online Video Course

You tell your husband that you want to "connect" but he stares back a bit wide eyed and clueless. You complain and nag at him about the housework, and when he does it, you feel just as irate as you did when you starting the nagging. You ask him to spend time together connecting, so you go out for the day, and come home feeling just as lonely and empty as you started. Are you crazy? Is there something wrong with you? Are you just one of those needy wives, with unmet childhood needs, who is living through her husband? Or a perfectly normal female who thrives on emotional connection, especially with her husband, and wants this to be a regular experience in her marriage. So if this is so normal.. why does it seem many husbands just don't "get it?" The good news, is you can change the dynamics of your relationship with a few simple tweaks insha'Allah. 

Online Audio Program

This program will give you a chance to take a “snapshot” so to speak of your relationship right now, the things you love, are happy with, and look forward to, and the areas that aren’t optimal that need some attention, and possible areas that may need some additional intervention to move past any gridlocks or roadblocks. While it might seem a little daunting or frightening to actually paint the elephants in the room so that you can clearly see what is going on, I am certain that, once identified, you can move those elephants out of your living room and enjoy your marriage with more love, depth, passion, and intimacy.Don’t let yourself fall into the habit of ignoring the issues that are eating away at your heart.At the same time, do not deny yourself, or your husband the opportunity to feel grateful for the moments that sustain your marriage and love for one and other

Private Podcast Collection Series

Love "Bytes".... Bytes like sound bytes... Bytes as in "This Bites!" Bytes as in "bites" that belong in the privacy of your bedroom... The way your brain translated the meaning of the word may say a lot about how you are feeling about love these days! The "Love Bytes" private collection podcast series has 12 podcasts meant to open the door to deeper discussion, reflection, creativity, and exploration in your marriage. More than just talk, you'll be invited to take action each podcast, and experiment a bit to see what kind of results you discover. "Love Bytes" has also been created with the busy woman in mind. Each podcast can be completed in a drive to the grocery store or on your way to pick the kids up from school. Each topic dives beneath the surface level talk that is common in many lectures or articles geared towards the Muslim community on the topic of marriage. Known for Megan's intuitive ability to "get to the root" of problems in relationships, masha'Allah, this series will not be like something you've heard before. (20-25 minutes per podcast)

Online Video Course + Ebook 

"Will the Angels Curse Me?" is a course for Muslim wives striving to enjoy sexual intimacy but struggling because of a misunderstanding of her rights as a Muslim wife or because she has experienced some kind of trauma which makes sexual intimacy difficult for her. Many cultures have compounded a woman's fear of having rights over her body by suggesting that a woman is a "cursed wife" if she ever says no to her husband's requests. The pain of these reminders are increased for a wife who has experienced trauma which is preventing her from desiring to be intimate.This course refocuses women to understand the goal of marriage in Islam, how to stop living with spiritual terror, and how to return to the beauty of love and marriage in Islam and truly build a marriage where intimacy brings closeness and not harm. 



"I am very grateful for your workshop "Passionate  and Deeply Connected Intimacy". It really helped to create a dialogue between my husband and me, which ultimately every marriage needs! Alhamdulillah it hasn't even been a week since the workshop and I feel like we are back in the honeymoon phase (or one better than that =P) as we are in such an amazing place right now Subhanallah =)!"

 - Sarah.


“Every seminar you have, every article and book that’s out there to read has something to teach me at a personal level, which I haven’t got from other sources. The advices and methods to tackle problems with your spouse are so much on a practical level that I can’t help but imply them.And what I appreciate most of all is that it has helped me change my insight of my marriage as a more fun and fulfilling experience. I’ve learned a lot from your seminars and books, and I’m grateful to you. I pray that Allah subhanawa ta’aala accepts your efforts.” 


I feel far more empowered and positive about my marriage and that positivity has radiated into all my actions as a mother and wife. I have learned that my problems are not as catastrophic as they first appeared to be and that I simply need to be true to myself, to be vulnerable and honest at every moment and to identify the genuine sources of my deep-rooted desires and fears. It means that I stop living at the surface, seek a deeper connection to everything/everyone I engage in and to always acknowledge my underlying intentions for everything I do. 

Sister M.M. 

“I’ve downloaded and read several of Megan’s ebooks and I’ve also completed the “My Marriage Snapshot” mini-training, which was a real eye opener. It really zoned in on the areas that needed more attention in my marriage. I’ve used most of her advice. One that really helped me get close with my husband is the vulnerable love idea. It really made me more humble and appreciative of the good things in my husband and not just focus in the negatives.  Although my husband has not participated with me, he has seen a change in our relationship. We don’t let problems fester and grow. We have become very open with each other. I can say that my participation in the Wives of Jannah courses and books has helped us grow as a couple.” 

Sister K 

Megan shows us the right way to do things, without any shortcuts or quick fixes that are really worth nothing. It is unique, because it gives deeper meaning to marriage, shows its many layers: spiritual, emotional, physical. I feel that other sources offer very shallow perspectives and gives advice that makes me feel as if I was playing with my husband, but in opposite teams. Wives of Jannah offers a better, same-team approach

Sister A.H.

I was experiencing a very hard time in our marriage although for my husband everything was fine, but I felt so empty and unloved. What you said in the Connection course applied to me! Subhanallah I cant believe just listening to some one who can explain how men are and how they see things can make a such a massive difference. After listening to you I spoke to my husband and in that conversation I just told him what was really hurting me and what do I really want from him. I must say it wasn’t easy but alhamdolilah I felt so light afterwards and the response I got from him was amazing . I saw a different side of him. The look on his face of contentedness of making me happy I will never forget. He was so happy because he made me happy, and there was me all that time "why can't he just understand what i want!" I want to say a big thank you for your way of explaining things!”