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Wives of Jannah: What's Our Mission?  (Part 1)
by Megan Wyatt

What is Wives of Jannah?

Wives of Jannah’s mission invites Muslim wives to create a loving, emotionally deep, spiritual and passionate marriage; to rekindle marriage as an act of worship, a path to being nearer to Our Creator, and a gateway to being a wife in Jannah, insha’Allah.  

One of the goals on an organizational level is to bridge the divide between Islamic literature and "other" literature through courses, live events, and direct relationship coaching so the Western Muslim couple can co-create a marriage that is in line with our Islamic values, traditional teachings, and honor their desired outcome for their relationship.

What is a unique aspect that Wives of Jannah brings to the relationship advice arena?

One of the main principles that keeps Wives of Jannah unique is a principle I’ve created back in 2009 called “Fearless Vulnerability” which I define as:

Creating opportunities to give and receive deep and meaningful love by practicing the art of raw honesty and emotional and physical vulnerability in a safe and respectful relationship despite deep seated fears which would otherwise hold you back

What I’ve learned is that for many of us, we are afraid to grow, to explore the depths of our hearts and feelings, and this in and of itself, is also a hindrance to our growth as Muslims.

I understand that marriage is “half my Deen” because marriage becomes a vehicle to know myself at a greater level, and when I can see who I am at even deeper and deeper levels, not only will my Salah or du’a or understanding of this life be different, but so will the love and connection with my husband.

I want couples to not only prevent drifting apart, but to discover how many more levels their marriage has for them to reach together. 

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