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Reflections from Lion King

My husband and I went out for a date to see the new Lion King movie a few weeks ago. We reflected on the excellent leadership advice of Mufasa, the challenges and responsibilities of becoming a father and, ultimately, the leader of the household, and the humbleness that comes when, as adults, we finally realize […]

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Taqwa & Martial Satisfaction

It should be no surprise to see a correlation between taqwa and marital satisfaction. While righteousness alone isn’t necessarily a determining factor of a happy marriage, lack of righteousness and remembrance of Allah can often be the single greatest determining factor in the failure of a marriage. Two religious people can get married and find they aren’t […]

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Love is IN the Body

Love is IN the Body!by Megan Wyatt, Founder of Wives of JannahToo much time is spent trying to understand love. For all our discussions, talking, and rationalizing how to experience more love, better love, and deeper love – most people find they are still in the same exact place where they started. Frustrating if you […]

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3 Simple (& Free) Ways to Improve Your Marriage

3 Straight Forward Ways to Improve Your Marriageby Megan Wyatt, Founder of Wives of Jannah Here are three straight forward ways you can improve your relationship which cost you nothing and many people spend hundreds of dollars discovering after their relationship is in a lot of pain. 1) Touch often. It goes without saying that touch is […]

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