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3 Straight Forward Ways to Improve Your Marriage

by Megan Wyatt, Founder of Wives of Jannah

Here are three straight forward ways you can improve your relationship which cost you nothing and many people spend hundreds of dollars discovering after their relationship is in a lot of pain.

1) Touch often. 

It goes without saying that touch is a powerful method of communication in a loving relationship.

If your i-phones have gotten the best of you put 'em down and head over to your spouse with your hands!

Non-sexual touch like hugs, cuddles, or leaning on each other are instrumental in creating closeness and a sense of togetherness. (Of course other touch is encouraged too!) 

2) Express Appreciation. 

Everyone likes to be appreciated including you, right? Make a regular habit of saying thank you, jazakum Allahu khairan, or any other form of expression that shows you are paying attention to the good your spouse is doing.

Say it, text it, email it, write it on a sticky note.

There is a double bonus for this one!  

The more you take note of the things your spouse does which are positive the more it softens your heart in realizing you are loved and acts of kindness and care are being done to take care of you or honor you in some way. 

3) Say Sorry. 

If you have young kids you probably say this one all the time, right? "Go over and tell your sister you are sorry for taking her toy."

It's easy to let those same values slip as an adult. Apologizing when you've said something hurtful or done something hurtful goes a long way in healing your relationship.  It prevents small issues from becoming big ones. 

So, there you have it! Three simple and entirely free ways to improve your marriage that many couples stop doing. Revive this and your relationship will be recharged in no time.

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