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Reflections from Lion King

My husband and I went out for a date to see the new Lion King movie a few weeks ago. We reflected on the excellent leadership advice of Mufasa, the challenges and responsibilities of becoming a father and, ultimately, the leader of the household, and the humbleness that comes when, as adults, we finally realize *we* are the next pillar for our own kids. We'll call that our Simba moment. Finally, that the "circle of life" will continue on and we won't always be here.

We talked about many things, but here are some things I thought to share with all of you:

1) The importance of having time alone as a couple to talk. Going to an event together, a movie with meaning, or anything that gets you both thinking can allow you to hear each other's thoughts on a variety of topics. There is always more to learn about and hear from your spouse.

2) To remember and recognize that you and your husband are moving through life stages together. Each decade brings a new level of awareness, maturity, but also burden. The burden of the dunyah and making it through and the burden of caring for your family.

3) To just pause and appreciate that being a man means carrying heavy responsibilities. Especially a man who fears Allah. He recognizes his job in providing, guiding, and protecting his family and it's not an easy burden to carry. He does it with love, but appreciating his job allows you to step into his shoes too. As women we want to be seen and appreciated but we forget that our men want the same sometimes.

4) Life stages means seeing parents age or pass away. It's a major shift and a difficult process. You may not be talking about it, but you should be. Maybe you are a young couple so this stage is a little farther off. For others, you are in the midst of care taking, or grief.

5) To remember your time on earth is temporary. To have the opportunity to consider how you want to make a difference with the time you have.

6) To always "remember who you are" <-- that famous line! Maybe you aren't a real queen, but you are a Muslimah. You are a human being created by Allah made with a purpose. You are known to your Lord by name and you have an angel that records all the good you do or intend to do. Your worth is found in the essence of your soul.

I hope one of these 6 thoughts can benefit you this week!

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