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Love is IN the Body!

by Megan Wyatt, Founder of Wives of Jannah

Too much time is spent trying to understand love.

For all our discussions, talking, and rationalizing how to experience more love, better love, and deeper love - most people find they are still in the same exact place where they started.

Frustrating if you ask me! So I want to just highlight something I have learned which was an awesome realization for me many years ago. 

Love is in the body. What that means is that love is something you feel, literally and physically.

An emotion is what you feel in your body, right?

When you feel angry, you don’t think about being angry. You feel it. Maybe it’s a clenched jaw, a tight chest, a rush of warmth to your face, or tightened neck muscles to keep you from screaming. No matter your experience, you feel the angry sensations.

So what about love?

How do you feel love?

Where do you feel love?

What sensations show up in your body when you experience love?

Long for love?

What do you feel when you experience a loss of love?

Learning the difference between all of these subtle sensations has literally changed my entire life. Not just in my relationship, but in my entire way of living and feeling.

I have experienced a new level of truth, freedom, happiness, and even grief. But that grief hasn’t been bad, it has been real, and truly felt, but once felt, it melts away bringing me back to happiness, joy, pleasure, and love all over again.

The cycle of emotions in our lives is beautiful when we honor our feelings. But again, our feelings aren’t our ideas, but what we are experiencing in our bodies.

Your marriage can reach an entirely new level of experience when you develop the ability to feel your strongest and most subtle physical sensations in your body and see what emotional message they carry.

Follow a good feeling deeper, and you have greater pleasure.

Follow a sad feeling deeper, and you find relief in being vulnerable about something that is hurting you.

When you find the feeling of love and contentedness in your body this week, see how many ways you can nurture that feeling, keep it going, and like a fire, fan the flames 🙂

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