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How to repair after a fight

Topic: repairing after a fightQ: Is there an easier way to repair the damage after a fight where both my husband and I have said hurtful things to each other? It seems when I try to start discussing what happened again more calmly, we end up back in the thick of it all over again. Fights […]

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Husband less religious than me

Q: How do you interact with a husband who has less Islamic knowledge and is spiritually less active than you? The Prophet (saw) said in a beautiful hadith “I have only been sent to perfect good moral character.” (Ahmad)The way you interact with your husband is by striving to be the most loving, awesome wife on […]

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How do I fall in love with my husband?

Topic: process of falling in love when newly marriedHow can I fall in love with my husband? I like him, but what does falling love really look like? Can you still fall in love after being married for a while or is this just some kind of hype we are shown in the movies and […]

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Husband wants me to remove my hijab

Topic: husband wants her to remove her hijabEnter your text here…Q: I am a convert (3 years), New Yorker and Hispanic. I have been married for 16 years. I started wearing the hijab immediately after converting. At first my husband asked me if it was a phase and asked me to only wear it for […]

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In-laws dictate forgetting your family my origin

Q: How do you balance your responsibilities towards your parents, post marriage, where indo-pak mentalities within in-laws dictate a girl forgets her old home after marriage? I understand that there is a strong  tradition followed by some within your culture which emphasizes not only obedience and conformity to your husband’s family, but also an expectation that […]

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