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This program will give you a chance to take a “snapshot” so to speak of your relationship right now, the things you love, are happy with, and look forward to, and the areas that aren’t optimal that need some attention, and possible areas that may need some additional intervention to move past any gridlocks or roadblocks.

While it might seem a little daunting or frightening to actually paint the elephants in the room so that you can clearly see what is going on, I am certain that, once identified, you can move those elephants out of your living room and enjoy your marriage with more love, depth, passion, and intimacy.Don’t let yourself fall into the habit of ignoring the issues that are eating away at your heart.At the same time, do not deny yourself, or your husband the opportunity to feel grateful for the moments that sustain your marriage and love for one and other. It’s an “alhamdulellah” moment waiting to happen! (1.0 hours)

This training will give provide with the following insha’Allah:
* An interactive exercise that will draw an image of the strengths and weakness of your relationship
* A spiritual mindset that every Muslim wife must have in order to keep her marriage an act of worship
* An opportunity to strengthen your marriage by acknowledging what to celebrate and what needs some attention
* Why settling for the comfort of mediocrity could be setting you up for danger down the road
* And more (lots of ideas jam packed in this little session you can do in less than an hour!)

You tell your husband that you want to "connect" but he stares back a bit wide eyed and clueless. You complain and nag at him about the housework, and when he does it, you feel just as irate as you did when you starting the nagging. You ask him to spend time together connecting, so you go out for the day, and come home feeling just as lonely and empty as you started. Are you crazy? Is there something wrong with you? Are you just one of those needy wives, with unmet childhood needs, who is living through her husband? Or a perfectly normal female who thrives on emotional connection, especially with her husband, and wants this to be a regular experience in her marriage. So if this is so normal.. why does it seem many husbands just don't "get it?" The good news, is you can change the dynamics of your relationship with a few simple tweaks insha'Allah. (2.0 hours)

This program will cover the following:
* A common mistake many women make with their husbands when they are asking for connection or quality time (it's so common you'll laugh
   when I share it)
* What connection means to HIM and why he doesn't understand what it means to YOU
* An exercise which will produce some tangible examples to share with your husband to experience more of what you want
* What connection means to us as females, and ways to nurture that at times it's not being met in marriage.
* A checklist to find out if you just might be standing in the way of connection (I know it's always so much easier to blame him!)
* A gratitude activity to highlight all the ways he strives to show you that he loves you (even if they miss showing upon your radar)

Explore in five simple steps how you can experience greater passion and feel a deeper emotional connection with your spouse during intimacy. This isn’t a lecture on rights, it’s a workshop where you will reflect, write, act, plan, and do! Attend from the privacy of your own home as a couple or as a wife by yourself. (3.5 hours)

Here's what you'll learn insha'Allah:
* A Unique Exercise called “Intimacy Insight” which will explore your beliefs about sexual intimacy
* How and why you should plan for intimacy rather than waiting for it to happen (despite the myth that intense passion would die with
* Simple techniques that create a truly passionate and soulful experience with your spouse* Developing your own “Customized
   Communication” method so you and your spouse are both on the same page during and after sexual intimacy
* How limiting your understanding of intimacy to only sexual intercourse and specific outcomes may be stifling the entire process from
   happening more often and decreasing satisfaction for both of you.
* What fuels attraction for a man more than external appearances (allowing you to feel fully confident in your natural beauty without trying to
   compete with other women)
* A du’a from the Sunnah to transform a physical act into a spiritually conscious one and strengthen a man’s position of leader and protector of
   his household.
* What kinds of physical touch are best for “getting in the mood,” healing emotional wounds between the both of you, and opening your heart
   up for a deeper connection.

Love "Bytes"....

Bytes like sound bytes...

Bytes as in "This Bites!" which is an expression of frustration and disappointment.

Bytes as in "bites" that belong in the privacy of your bedroom...

The way your brain translated the meaning of the word may say a lot about how you are feeling about love these days. It may be something rational and logical, a concept you are treating almost mathematically. Feelings of love may be lost in your marriage right now, and your relationship has left you feeling lonely, depressed, and confused. Or maybe, your fun and passionate side is well and alive in your marriage, and as soon as you read that you giggled thinking about a private thought we obviously can't discuss here!

Love is often all of these concepts at the same time. It's a concept we discuss like a theory, it has it's grandiose moments, and then all of the sudden, it's not enough, it let's us down, and marriage seems like a place of tolerance, patience, and endurance instead of love, passion, happiness, fun, connection, and soulfulness.

The "Love Bytes" twelve month podcast series is meant to open the door to deeper discussion, reflection, creativity, and exploration in your marriage. More than just talk, you'll be invited to take action each month, and experiment a bit to see what kind of results you discover.

Your marriage is unique, so naturally, there is no "one size fits all" approach to marital advice. So, your goal as you work through the "Love Bytes" podcast series is to implement whatever resonates with you personally. When you hear something that is true, something that has been articulated in words you've, perhaps, never been able to say for yourself, then it's an invitation to take that road and see where this small journey takes you.

"Love Bytes" has also been created with the busy woman in mind. Each pod-cast can be completed in a drive to the grocery store, or on your way to pick the kids up from school. They are downloadable so you can put them on your I-pod and take a walk or go exercise while listening.

Each topic is discussed in a unique fashion, diving beneath the surface level talk that is common in many lectures or articles geared towards the Muslim community. Known for my intuitive ability to "get to the root" of problems in relationships, Alhamdulilah, this series will not be like something you've heard before. (20-25 minutes per podcast)

For a long time people have asked me if I would offer a private experience which combined relationship coaching and a guided program feel which offered enough time to dig in to serious goal setting for their marriage.

While I've offered 1-on-1 coaching and couples coaching for years I have never offered an experience like this before and after so after many different requests, today is the day I deliver. 

The Relationship Booster is a two hour, fully private online experience where you'll be working with me directly through live video conferencing. All you need is a laptop, camera, and reliable internet connection! 

Now is the opportunity to renew your relationships.