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Passionate and Deeply Connected Intimacy: 

5 Simple Steps to Increase Passion and Deepen Your Connection During Intimacy

This e-course will teach you how to experience greater passion and feel a deeper emotional connection with your spouse during intimacy. This isn’t a lecture on rights, it’s a workshop where you will reflect, write, act, plan, and do! Attend from the privacy of your own home as a couple or as a wife by yourself. (3.5 hours)

Here's what you'll learn insha'Allah:

  • A Unique Exercise called “Intimacy Insight” which will explore  your beliefs about sexual intimacy
  • How and why you should plan for intimacy rather than waiting for it to happen (despite the myth that intense passion would die with
  • Developing your own “Customized Communication” method so you and your spouse are both on the same page during and after sexual intimacy
  • Simple techniques that create a truly passionate and soulful experience with your spouse
  • How focusing on specific outcomes during sex may be decreasing satisfaction for both of you
  • What fuels attraction for a man more than external appearances (allowing you to feel fully confident in your natural beauty)
  • A du’a from the Sunnah to transform a physical act into a spiritually conscious one 
  • What kinds of physical touch are best for “getting in the mood,” healing emotional wounds between the both of you, and opening your heart up for a deeper connection.


“I am so glad I signed up for the Intimacy e-course because I was so determined to improve my relationship with my husband. I think I shared more than I would have ever wanted to. Now that he knows about the hidden feelings in my heart and thoughts in my mind, he is trying extra hard to take good care of me. Instead of making me feel guilty or bad over what I have shared, he laughed about it while holding me tight. Truly blessed to have him in my life. Alhumdulilah.” 

Sister A.A. program participant


“Every seminar you have, every article and book that’s out there to read has something to teach me at a personal level, which I haven’t got from other sources. The advices and methods to tackle problems with your spouse are so much on a practical level that I can’t help but imply them. And what I appreciate most of all is that it has helped me change my insight of my marriage as a more fun and fulfilling experience. I’ve learned a lot from your seminars and books, and I’m grateful to you. I pray that Allah subhanawa ta’aala accepts your efforts.” 

Sister N.A. program participant